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Swarmbustin' Apiary is selling Nucleus Colonies in spring & summer 2015!

2015 harvested Fresh Bee Pollen is now available!

As a result of increased interest we expanded our Fresh Bee Pollen operation by 50% in 2014!




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To learn more about Bee Pollen please visit alternativescentral.com and visit the honey store to buy the Freshest Bee Pollen available.
Visit Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles our SELF INDUCED CROWD FUNDING (a sister division of Honey 911) to bee enlightened and delighted by our artistic endeavors! Click here to read more about the S.T.R. Bee Pollen Club."
Swarmbustin’ Honey is pleased to announce that we will bee offering for sale Over-Wintered Survivor Stock Nucleus Colonies of Honey Bees during Spring and Summer of 2015! This new venture warrants a brief history of our operation. (CLICK HERE to read About Us)

We are truly blessed to bee able to research, listen to the bees, and learn how we can best help them. Please read through our home page for as we turn our operation upside down & inside out, our decisions may affect your future purchasing selections.

Our decision to produce Nucs was the result of numerous factors. Having reassessed the capabilities of our apiaries we are excited to bee focusing on the bees needs now more than ever. Instead of managing our Bee Hives for honey production our apiary will have a larger positive impact if we focus on producing climatized Nucleus Honey Bee colonies with good genetics. Honey production is an important criteria in choosing our breeding Queen Bees; For more info on our Queen Breeding Program and our agenda for 2015 (CLICK HERE to read about our Queen Breeding Program).

Nucleus Colonies VS. Packaged Bees
Whether exploring the art of beekeeping for the first time, or replenishing winter losses, one has but two options; purchasing Nucleus colonies from a beekeeper, or gambling with factory farm package bees. Nucs offer the advantage of starting with an established brood nest, drawn comb, and honey reserves. In our humble opinion the package bee industry, with their assembly line mass-producing tactics, is weakening the genetic pool of honey bees nationwide and there is clearly a need for all beekeepers supplying bees to step back & re-evaluate the beeloved honey bees best interest. Have a look at the video “More Than Honey” for more on this topic.

Changing from Honey Production to Nuc Production
Reevaluating our operation illustrated that managing our hives for the production of our Totally Raw Honey is ludicrous with the facilities we have to work with. Totally Raw Honey has always been a main focus for us and the decision to temporarily let go of it was a very hard yet necessary choice.

Our goal is to move forward with an all-under-one-roof Swarmbustin’ facility sooner by reducing costs of harvesting honey under our current set up, allowing us to provide Totally Raw Honey again in future seasons. We would like to thank our customers who stuck with us throughout the years & made our signature honey - Totally Raw Honey, a true labor of love, as well as our top seller. We sincerely apologize to our loyal customers who faithfully waited along with us, year after year, as the first round of bottling and extracting was completed and Fresh Totally Raw Honey beecame available once more. Once our new facility is up and running look for our Totally Raw Honey to bee back, stronger than ever.

By providing Nucs for sale we are truly focusing our intention exclusively on “All About the Bees.” There needs to bee global interest in truly listening to the bees so we are turning our entire operation upside down to accomplish this better. Please bear with us during this transition.

Bee Pollen & Other Swarmbustin’ Honeys Still Available!
In the meantime, we are glad to assure our customers that our Fresh Bee Pollen production will continue uninterrupted. We will also continue to provide all our other honeys in our product line (pure, flavored, & cremed) as we have in the past. To accomplish this we will rely on local beekeepers to supply us with surplus honey. Our Golden Nectar Honey is a great option as it is still considered Raw and will bee available uninterrupted in 2015. This brings up the question “what is or is not raw honey?” a rather loose term in the beekeeping world. The main criteria for determining if honey is Raw is that it has not been filtered or heated above a maximum “threshold” temperature. This temperature is widely debated but usually falls beetween 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Our pure honeys have been warmed up only slightly to facilitate bottling, and strained through sieves; none of our honeys have been filtered which requires excessive heating.

Nucleus Colonies
Back to the Nucs: the price is $159.00 per Nuc with 2 Nucs housed in each box. (Single Nucs are possible) Nucs are not shippable and will need to bee picked up at the farm in West Grove, PA. There is a $35 box deposit which we will simply hold on to until box (es) are returned. For questions or to place an order please contact Swarmbustin’ Honey at (610) 384-2384 or swarmbuster@911honey.com.

Equally Important to Keeping Bees, There Are Many Ways to Help

  1. Dandy-lions are an excellent source of nectar and pollen to honey bees for early spring buildup. Other weeds are beneficial as well so discontinue chemically treating lawns if currently involved with such endeavors.
  2. Convert a portion of your manicured lawn into a meadow.
  3. Plant a tree or a forest, which blooms during the summer when we typically experience nectar dearth. For Southern Pennsylvania try Basswood (Tilia americana) also called Linden, Korean Evodia or Bee-bee tree (tetradium daniellii), White Dutch clover (Trifolium repens), White Sweet clover (Melilotus alba), Yellow Sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis).
  4. Our Fundraiser campaign is still active, and so, have a look. Our fundraiser features unique Honey Bee related offerings at each donator level.
As Always,
Thank You & Bee Well
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