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Swarmbustin’ Honey is currently harvesting both light and dark pollen out of our pollen beeyards! This occurs only for a short time during the summer when the available pollen sources are gradually moving towards those with darker colored pollen, yet flowers giving light colored pollen are not quite exhausted. Help yourself to some Fresh Bee Pollen today!


Swarmbustin' Totally Raw Honey is currently available in Fresh Liquid form!




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We are stocking Quarts, Pints, and 14oz Hexagonal Jars, place your order today in the Honey Store"

Swarmbustin Honey
Swarmbustin Bee Pollen
Swarmbustin Honey
"To learn more about Bee Pollen please visit www.alternativescentral.com and visit the honey store to buy the Freshest Bee Pollen available.
Visit Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles our SELF INDUCED CROWD FUNDING (a sister division of Honey 911) to bee enlightened and delighted by our artistic endeavors! Click here to read more about the S.T.R. Bee Pollen Club."

Having upgraded our website making navigation smoother, I fear I may lose many of you to our technological advances. By enhancing speed ordering, I fear that our opening page, all tricked out, may bee screenright for but a blur… Beeings how our site will save you time with each order, if I may chill a moment or two of your time, allow me to invite you to check out our SELF-INDUCED CROWD FUNDING “kickstarter” campaign titled “Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughle’s,” (S.T.R.) where you will find the Swarmbustin’ Roughle’s Pollen Club, as well as all 10 levels of CROWD FUNDING Offerings, from the beeginnings Flower Bud Break Level to the culmination, Fruit Set Level. We hope you will see something enticing there, and contribute to our effort to build an All-Under-One-Roof Swarmbustin’ Honey Agricultural Education Center; as well as benefit from the informative material placed there, in an effort to extend our knowledge, and better all of our surroundings (Mother Earth).

Our website makeover was a direct result of listening to our customers, seeing the need for improvement, and responding by adding content to the original website along with a new store front. Our previous layout served us well over the years &, Thank You all for your patience and assistance.

Swarmbustin’ Honey is a family run operation dedicated to our Beeloved Honey Bees. We are located near Chatham in Chester County, PA. Collectively, my sons Abram, Luke, and Jeb, and I have in excess of ten decades of beeing with the bees. The Bustin’ of Swarms is a passion shared by all of us here at the Bee Farm. We have tales for days, with each adventure presenting interesting challenges. Accounts of providing Beeloved Honey Bees a home, or ‘bustin’ swarms’ as well call it, go back in history just as far as you care to dig, and the methodology and offered dwellings are as varied as they are numerous. We’ve used saws, loping shears and cardboard boxes to bust low swarms, and for the high swarms front end loaders, a five gallon pail mounted on a telescoping pole and even a fire truck in a city for one swarm. While we typically place our captured swarms into Langstroth Hive Bodies, beekeepers have been known to use straw skeps, gum trees, clay pots, and variations of Kenyan Top Bar Hives. Swarmbustin' Honey was founded to support our habit, of keeping bees. Our passion exploded and with it the number of hives, followed by beeyards sprouting up in three counties in Pennsylvania and one in northern Delaware. Twenty years later we operate under the umbrella of a cottage industry simply “Gone Wild.” The wildness has spread, seeding outbuildings including barns and sheds beeing used for warehousing and work stations. Our efficiency is restricted by our perpetual bouncing of materials between buildings, and oh, our stuff bee heavy. I might add that the hub of all this activity is our home. We have extended our limitations to the max, Bustin out of our seams, if you will, hence the need for an All-Under-One-Roof Facility for Swarmbustin’ Honey.

Our expenses are worthy of noting, requirements of feeding our habit, staying in the bee business. Throughout the eighties and the early nineties we were able to overwinter bees with a mortality rate usually under 4-5%, beelow the nationwide average of 10% at that time. We make every attempt to find bee-friendly Beeyards away from Agribusiness, do not treat with chemicals, and our hives are on permanent stands. We do not get involved in moving bees to pollinate crops as most commercial beekeepers do. Even with these precautions, our fall and winter mortality rates are out of control. We’ve had losses averaging as high as 75% for our whole operation and a 90% loss to a single yard. To make up our losses, we are breeding from our survivor stock, working with the desirable genetics. In addition, we also have to purchase Nucleus colonies from a friend who moves half of his hives to Georgia each winter to make splits. This added expense, coupled with added costs in trying to keep bees alive has been keeping our cashflow going… out! Luckily, a bumper crop of honey was provided in 2012 from a continuous honey flow. .. But the honey crop last year was a wash out due to a wet season. We are fortunate to have other local beekeepers provide us with their surplus honey, allowing us to stay in the honey business. Last year, our beekeeping expenses were higher than the revenue brought in by the surplus honey that was gathered by our bees. Along with the changes in our website comes a price increase, rather necessary, having not raised prices in three years which is our custom. In agriculture, one must take the bad years with the good. We know this! Our goal is to keep moving forward, working with our survivor stock, learning from the bees what we can best do for them.

As we have already said, and as it should now bee quite apparent, it is imperative at this time to consolidate Swarmbustin' Honey under one roof. This puts us with an urgent need for land, thus the need for our SELF-INDUCED CROWD FUNDING “kickstarter” campaign, “Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles”. 100% of all funds raised by S.T.R. will go towards a new facility housing the goodness of Swarmbustin' Honey within an Agriculture Education Center, inviting groups of all sizes to join us as we dig further to learn what we can best do for The Beeloved Honey Bee. ‘Tis been too long out of balance with the reverse beeing the objective. We have researched land options and have a parcel of near about fifty acres in our scope that would be FANTABULOUS! With this parcel we will bee able to bring Swarmbustin' Honey into the 21st century, housing the proper equipment for our needs. This efficiency will belch free time to research the habits of the bees during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

The further back in history one delves, the more revered The Beeloved Honey Bees were, and the keepers of bees were well respected, charming and oft times of royalty or a man of the cloth. Layman also raised Honey Bees for wax and honey harvests to pay their taxes. Many beekeepers throughout history, with varied backgrounds, already with a firm absorption of nature, were able to bridge the spirituality shared by two of the oldest inhabitants of this Mother Earth. Apis Mellifera, the Beeloved Honey Bee on this plant long, long beefore man, never lost touch with their communication skills, accomplished by dancing, distribution of pheremones, harmonic frequencies, and a whole lotta touchy feely. The bees are still seeing the world through compound eyes by way of a mosaic of the higher spectrum colors, yet have no use for ears. Say no more.

I now invite you to visit Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles our SELF-INDUCED CROWD FUNDING “kickstarter” campaign, a sister division of Swarmbustin’ Honey wedding tired, too cute to go to the burn pile, bee equipment with YOU! The interested and educated consumer. Come visit our sister site to bee enlightened on the progress beeing made by other beekeepers working towards righting the wrongs of mankind or peruse the horrors of Monsanto; and see what we are up to in artistic endeavors! Featuring a library pleading for an antiquous makeover or a Beeautiful bookshelf, to our custom flavor series Swarmbustin’ Honey SPLASH, only available through S.T.R.! Check out all of our offerings, and each suggested contribution level including our entry level, Flower Bud Break Level, Half Flower Bud Break Level, Pre-Bloom Level, Full Bloom Level, Nectar Production Level, Sticky Stigma Level, Pollen Production Level, Petal-Drop Level, and finally Fruit Set Level!

This request is respectfully submitted from the soul of the Beeloved Honey Bee – broadcasting to us crisp messages; illustrating the fragility of our world. And whilst I am on my hive box, it is now time for mankind to earnestly take a leap forward, casting the ego aside, realizing for the first time that the earth is not the center of the universe, nor does the earth merely revolve around man. As many of the folks that have joined in the work and play here at The Bee Farm have traveled the globe, we beelieve that some majic is beeing pollinated as they share the world of love and bees.

Thank you and Bee Well!
The Swarmbusters
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