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Collaboration – Bee The Buzzword

Collaboration – The Buzzword in the Bee Industry

To bee Stewarts of both managed and wild bees, Promoters of Healthy Environments – WOW! NOTE, Will require Networking & a Hot Minute to accomplish, Which Surprises me not as the Sustainability of Mother Earth has been declining since the Industrial Revolution...

Wendell Berry argued during the 41st Annual Jefferson Lecture that "Ecological health, in a land dying of abuse, is not worth ‘something’; it is worth everything."

Eastern Apicultural Society, (EAS), Highlights Scott Famous, Vincent Aloyo and Meghan Milbrath for their Queen Rearing.

Chester County Beekeepers Association’s, (CCBA), members are collaborating with their Queen Rearing,  insuring that the Drone Congregation Areas are saturated from peripheral Drone Hives, which, require constant replenishing.

Meghan Milbrath harnessed the need for Local Bees and Kickstarted Funding to start Clinics to teach Beekeepers How to Split their hive into a Nuc.

Mike Palmer Illustrates A Better Way than Buying Bees

Erin Forbes-MacGregor, Master Beekeeper, Mainiac and of ‘Denial is not a Management Strategy’ fame, teaches about the benefits of Artificial Swarming, Breaking the Brood Cycle

I maintain that, at our location, rather handy to the Mason Dixon Line, seldom will we lose Bees to the Cold of Winter. A Dead Out is usually a symptom of a Ventilation/Condensation Issue, Starvation or an insufficient Population. In assisting Colonies to prepare for Winter, they will need adequate Food Stores, Free Flowing Ventilation and a Strong Population of Young Bees. The Fresh Wintering Bees will bee more competent in Nurturing the Brood in the Nursery once the Queen resumes laying eggs, and the Older Bees, well, will not live till Spring. Most Beekeepers have Stimulating Techniques to encourage, when necessary, late season Brood Rearing.

I’m following and planning on getting involved with Mehmet Ali Doke, a Grad Student at PSU. His Research is centered on using Forager Pheromones to Stimulate the Rearing of Winter Bees.

Go to your fields and gardens
And you shall learn it is the pleasure of the bee
To gather honey of the flower.
But it is the pleasure of the flower
To yield its honey to the bee.
For to the bee a flower is the fountain of life.
And to the flower, a bee is a messenger of love.”

Kahil Gibran, The Prophet, 1923.

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